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Ron's Twisted World !

Milo's World

I'm not a cat person!! I'm not a cat person!! Milo is a dog trapped in a cat's body!! -- by Ron

Milo's Arch Nemesis. To learn more, click here.

For more photos of Milo, click here.


My Life as a Cat - By Milo



Hello, my name is Milo and I am a cat. I live with Ron.  He’s a little strange, but he buys me food and cleans up my sh*t.  So I ask you, who is the pet and who is the master?


Currently we make the same amount of money.


My hobbies include, sleeping, looking out the window, hiding under the bed, sitting on furniture while looking cute and licking myself.  Hey, don’t judge me on that last one --- I live in a one-bedroom and den apartment and I’m the only one of my species here. You would do the same if you were in my paws. Besides, I was fixed, so there is nothing much to lick (Man, I hate those a*sholes and the animal shelter – those barbarians!!).


If you are a single cat and interested in dating a fixed 9-year-old female with a great personality, contact me.  I may be 9 years old, but I have the body of an 8 year old! I’m a little territorial, but I AM housetrained.


I would write more, but I’m not very good at HTML and I don’t have opposable thumbs. EEK!! There's someone knocking at the door, screw this sh*t --- I’m hiding under the bed!!!


Litter… err… I mean … Later!



"I said NO PICTURES ! !"

Milo the book critic: I loved Pet Sematary. Hated Cujo. That dog was a fu*king wuss. The cat in Pet Sematary could have beaten it’s *ss !!

I'm on the left.

Why does Ron dress me like this? It's humiliating. I'm calling PETA.


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