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Ron's Twisted World !


 Don't forget to BOOKMARK this new site. The address is easy, it's www.ronwallach.com


Verizon's server kept going down, so, I moved it to this new server. I'm still updating it.


If you see some typos (yes, I know they are here), you may report them to me in a nice way. :)



Hi there…


Hmm… what is there to say about me?  Nothing really comes to mind. I love movies, TV and hanging out with friends. Other than that, I’m a pretty dull guy J


Once I get a job and some more interests -- I will update this.


Thanks for reading!

Don’t let the 70’s haircut fool you -- I

was a little behind the times back then.

That WAS a 70’s look but it was

actually 1983. One word: EEK!!!


I’m on the left. No I’m not getting married. You might think I was, cause

I’m not smiling. My bother and sister-in-law are in the center. My cousin is on the far right.



  I THINK I remember when I used to look like this.


Disney, but a fox nonetheless. With that horrible hot, sticky Orlando weather –this was actually me on my BEST hair day! But what I looked like under the fur – two words: not pretty.

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Above: the world (not to scale).

Me stress out at work? Never.

One question: what is work again?


More recent photo: That could I possibly be thinking here? Probably nothing.


Family photo: Looking for me is like a “Where’s Waldo?” But hey, it keeps my therapist in nice clothes.


Me as an undergrad at University of Denver. I’m the one in the back.


Me and my first off road vehicle!

My hometown: Bethesda. (Duh!)

To learn more: Click above picture.


Only known picture of me in bed where I actually look hot !! Don't ya just wanta hug me?


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No animals were harmed in the making of this website.