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Verizon fu*ked up my site !!! I have to rebuild it -- but I will ...



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CLICK HERE To see winter jokes -- HO! HO! HO! Happy Holidays!

CLICK HERE  To see a funny international commercial - guess * *

CLICK HERE  To see a funny international commercial - coffee

CLICK HERE  A bad day at the office - ouch

CLICK HERE Murphy's Law

CLICK HERE Women drivers

CLICK HERE The trunk monkey

CLICK HERE The return of the trunk monkey

CLICK HERE Ikea - time to move out  * *

CLICK HERE Ikea - tidy up *

CLICK HERE Voted best beer commercial *

CLICK HERE Very very funny fake Master Card commercial  * *

CLICK HERE Those zany graphics nerds!!

CLICK HERE Pardon me!

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 Means this might be considered a little risqué…nothing really bad or anything.  But just a little warning for the very few friends of mine that are prudes.



* *

Means a little more risqué but still not bad. Everything is all in good fun.


* * * Mean this is hot raw freaky sex. No, there aren't anything with three asterisks, but admit it, you looked for them, didn't you?  



No animals were harmed in the making of this website.